Bo Andersson

Bo Andersson

Bo Andersson


Bo have different types of education, including: Ombudsman and board assignments in association life. Training in psychiatry, Labor law, Personnel administrator (not completed), Higher Business Administration (FEI), Evaluation, and Financial management. He worked in psychiatry (5 years), ombudsman (7 years), deputy city council secretary (Stockholm city), budget secretary (finance department Stockholm city), investigation and development secretary (city management office), general secretary (Korpen), CEO of Norden Bra AB, now he has board assignment, and is editor-in-chief, mentor / coach / consultant and CEO.


MR-stiftelsen och Norden International

Education & Training

  • Higher Business Administration Evaluation
  • Psychiatry
  • Labor law
  • Personnel administrator

Areas of Expertise

  • Psychiatry
  • Deputy city council secretary
  • Budget secretary
  • Investigation and development secretary
  • General secretary

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