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IPO 2022

IPO 2022

The trading on the Nordic Growth Market will be in 2022.


CSR Real Estate Investment AB – Additional documents

Here are CSR Real Estate Investment AB and its top list that it plans to list:

IDCompany nameInvestment SectorSDGCountryEntryShare numberCSR ParticipatePrice of each share, krShares participated in thousandsValuation of participated (tkr)Contact E-mail
1House Online Sverige ABDigital plattformGoal 11: Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesSweden202035000000020%1070,000700,000invest@houseonline.se
2Drömhem Sverige ABSmart HomeG 3: Good health and well-beingSweden202011000000020%2022,000440,000invest@dreamhome.one
324Service Sverige ABDigital PlatformG 7: Affordable and Clean EnergySweden202020000000020%540,000200,000invest@24service.org
4ABC Business Center ABSmart OfficeG 17: Partnerships to achieve the GoalSweden202112000000051%1061,200612,000invest@abcbusinesscenter.se
5CSR Business Hotel Sweden ABBusiness HotelG8: Decent work and economic growthSweden202112000000051%1561,200918,000invest@csrhotel.com
6Women's Home Sweden ABFemtechG 3: Good health and well-beingSweden20219000000051%545,900229,500invest@womenshome.se
7CSR Warehouse Sverige ABSmart logisticsG 10, Reduced inequalitiesSweden202150051%10025525,5invest@warehousecsr.com
8Linda Gustafsson Fastighet ABGreen buildingG 11: Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesSweden2021100051%100005105100invest@lindagustafsson.com
9Insect Solutions Sweden ABSanitizationG 3: Good health and well-beingSweden202250051%10025525,5invest@insectsolution.se

§ Share price on 2022-04-08

Share Price Ownership

The top list of ownership in CSR Real Estate Investment AB

Ownership listA-shareB-shareTotal share numberCapital, %Roster, %Share priceValuation, kr
Linda Gustafsson20000000420000006200000031 %63.68 %15.61154400000
CSR Capital Sverige AB10200000010200000051 %26.84 %15.6280800000
World Online Invest Holding AB800000080000004 %2.11%15.6561600000
CSR Fonder Sverige AB400000040000002 %1.05 %15.6280800000
Idébanken Invest Online Sverige AB400000040000002 %1.05 %15.6280800000
Other investors200000002000000010 %5.26 %15.6561600000
Date: 2022-April-08-
Source: Euroclear-
Total20000000180000000200000000100 %100%15.63120000000
A-share in thousands2000000010200000000
B-share in thousands1800000001180000000
Roster, st380000000

§ Information up till 2021-12-31

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