Underway Companies

Our companies that is underway and likely to go public

The companies which is underway and likely to go public. These companies are market-competitive, have high return on investment (ROI) , and are resistant to risks. CSR Real Estate Investment involved to assist these companies to raise capital from the marketplace.

Here are CSR Real Estate Investment AB (publ) and its top list that it plans to list:

IDCompany nameInvestment SectorSDGCountryEntryShare numberCSR ParticipatePrice of each share, krShares participated in thousandsValuation of participated (tkr)Contact E-mail
1ABC Business Center ABSmart OfficeG 17: Partnerships to achieve the GoalSweden202112000000051%1561,200918,000invest@abcbusinesscenter.se
2Women's Home Sweden ABFemtechG 3: Good health and well-beingSweden20219000000051%545,900229,500invest@womenshome.se
3CSR Business Hotel Sweden ABBusiness HotelG 8: Decent work and economic growthSweden202112000000051%13.361,200813,960invest@csrhotel.com
424Service Sverige ABDigital PlatformG 7: Affordable and Clean EnergySweden202020000000051%1040,0001020,000invest@24service.org
5Linda Gustafsson Fastighet ABReal EstateG 11: Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesSweden202035000000051%1045,900459,000invest@lindagustafsson.com

§ Share price on 2022-05-31

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